Supply & Distribution

Frontier has established a team dedicated to expansion of business in international markets. Frontier has existing supply and distribution partnerships in more than 20 countries and open to partnership opportunities in new territories.


Since its inception, innovation is at the heart of Frontier Biotech. Over the years, Frontier Biotech has built an extraordinarily talented R&D team with deep expertise and extensive experience in new drug development. Through the successful development and launch of Aikening™, Frontier Biotech has established a state-of-the-art platform in advancing long-acting peptide drug innovation, which lays a solid foundation for expanding our product portfolio and further strengthening Frontier Biotech's global competence. With unique in-house capability in complex peptide synthesis, process optimization, scale-up, commercialization, and a GMP certified facility for API & DP manufacturing, Frontier Biotech is committed to partnering with innovators, domestic and international, in new drug development.  

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